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This web site use cookies for improving performance. If you choose a language your web browser may be asked to save a language preference cookie. You can instruct your browser to save cookies or not. We also use session cookies to save login and preferences during av visit. Thoose cookies disappear on closing your browser.

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Personal data

Participant name, picture, city, club, position reports and results list will be published by the organiser and is to be regarded as public. They may also be provided to, used by and published by Randonneurs Sverige, Randonneurs Mondiaux and other organisations with or without modification. This includes usage for statistics and analysis without specific limits.

Contact information (e-mail, telephone, street address) is not public. We will use it only for contacting participants, and for sending login information. Food preferences, orders and other comments will only be used internally and in orders to our external suppliers.


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About this page · Policy for cookies and data